And the first spot in SF is...

The Bay Bridge

Yes, Golden Gate's neglected, slightly older, sister. When we hear about San Francisco or Bridges for that matter, it is very unlikely that this bridge will be the first thing that pops into our minds. Yet it provides a great view and a great opportunity for great pictures, specially at night when it is all lit up, and its dull gray color gives space for come cool light around its cables.

Ok but, there is a thousand different spots you could see the bay bridge from, which one is the best? I personally found to spots to shoot this bridge from and those are:

Theres a wooden bridge behind Pier 5 that goes about 100-150 meters into the bay where you can see the bridge very clearly, and usually there's very few people on it. Its a quiet spot with a clear view, what more could a photographer want?

Here's some pictures I took from it:

By the way all this photos were taken using long exposures during the night, on this particular photo's top left corner, that is a lamp not the sun.

The second spot I really liked was behind the ferry building at embarcadero:

Theres this concrete bridge/pier, behind it that looks like a parking lot, I didn't really pay attention to it, but you can have a privileged view of the bridge. Here there's a feature that the former stop did not have, it is much darker and with boats coming and going, it opens up a lot of good opportunities for light painting. Here's some pictures that I took there:

So here is the bridge:

Here it is + a boat and a plane + some light painting of my own:

This is when I finally nailed the name ;)

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Talk to you guys soon.

–Tito Araujo

Ps: I'll leave you with a picture of San Francisco traffic for no particular reason, it just looks cool :)


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