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This blog first started as my online portfolio for my photography projects ever since I became a photographer.  Now as my life changed, and so will my blog.


I've been a photographer since I graduated from Unijorge in Social Communication with my major in advertising in 2012. Now I started a new chapter in my life. I moved from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, to San Francisco, California, USA. To study my masters in International Marketing at Hult International Business School.

Why should you care?

Well, now I'll change the focus of the Blog from me to San Francisco. I'll still post cool photos on it, but it will be about spots around the city that you could take some great pictures at, in an innovative way, of course, as opposing to those obvious photos that you could find in any guide about the city. This blog will be intended to present to you an insider perspective on what is cool about San Francisco.

I'll also be posting some photography tips weekly so if you're into San Francisco or Photography, this blog might be interesting to you.

And also...

As a business student, from time to time I will be posting information that I find relevant about business in San Francisco. Maybe an insight from a great lecture I had that day, or an opportunity for business to be explored, or even theories and ideas that I find relevant to the Marketing and Business scenario.

This is it, if you are interested stay tuned or simply subscribe to get the latest updates
Talk to you soon.

– Tito Araujo


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