Golden Gate Park


Ever since my last post on San Francisco's Botanical Garden, I've been trying to to make this one about the Golden Gate park, but it is so big that I had no idea where to start.

Now I realized that I won't be able to cover the whole park in a single post given how massive it is. So I decided to take it slow, to make sure I'll not miss anything on this park. I'm not sure how many posts It will take to cover the whole park, but here goes PART 1:

The Golden Gate park is one of my favorites spots on San Francisco, specially on Sundays, Its a forest in the middle of the city first of all:

You can pack yourself with food and drinks and go on a hike to explore it, even though you're still in the city it definitely doesn't feel like it.

It is always surprising the things you find on those trails,  like this random painting on a tree bark:

Or this windmill that appeared out of nowhere:

Once I reached the end of the park, just a quick reminder of how real the San Andreas Fault still is:

Thats it for this post guys, again as a gift to my readers, all the pictures are in 20 megapixel sizes and can be used as background images for your computer screens if you wish. Please Leave your comment I would love to hear what you think of this post.

-Tito Araujo


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