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Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio:

After you read this post, I assure you that, for the rest of your life, all your photos will look much better, regardless of which camera you use, or the quality of the light at the moment. 

-History time, if you are only interested on the technique skip it until the phi grid.

What I'm about to teach you is a framing technique that can easily be applied to any photography, or painting, or sculpture, for that matter, to make it look more pleasant to the human eye. I know it sounds a bit cocky, but there is law, better yet a pattern in nature that our brain is designed to find pleasant.

So, Fibonacci was a mathematician that came up with an odd sequence of numbers: 


The logic behind the sequence is that to get the next number you must add the last two. For example, the next number of this sequence would be 21+34 = 55 and so on and so on. But what does that has to do with photography?

Well he found out that if he made rectangles with widths based on this sequence he would have a consistent ratio between the height and width of 1,618... He called it the Golden Ratio. He also found out that if he drew a line through the intersections he would have a nice spiral. Now does that look familiar?


For some unknown reason this ratio can be found on pretty much any living creature and the spiral on any structure shaped by natural forces. 

Ok Tito now i'm a Fibonacci nerd how the f*** does that help me taking better photos?

Now I just gave you the background behind the technique I'm about to show you. You can pretty much forget everything you read until this point and focus on whats next:


If I overlap four different spirals and draw four lines where the spiral ends I'll end up with this grid:

You have probably seen something similar on your camera screen. People think that to perfectly frame a picture it has to be centered. WRONG. What you do is you take any of those lines or preferably where they cross and you align whatever is important in your photo with it and you will have a much more pleasing and well balanced photography. Simple as that.

source: martandreadventures.files.wordpress.com

I know right?


source: blog.heyo.com

Now out of the laziness of the 21st century instead of calculating the golden ratio and phi grids what most artist do is divide the frame into 3 parts and draw the lines which in commonly known as the 



Now most cameras have the option of turning the rule of thirds grid on and off, make sure you have yours activated, since now you know how to use it. And let me know how it goes for you.

Leave your comment below and share what you think about this technique.

- Tito Araujo


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