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After the post about the Bay Bridge, with some "light painting" and some "long-exposure photography", I've been asked by some people how to do it.

So I decided to start a new section on the blog about photography basics. Since I also noticed that my posts were a liiiiittle (very) too technical (boooring). I thought that maybe, just maybe thats why I wasn't seeing much engagement from you guys at the last posts. Soo without further delay...


– The word "photography" basically means "to paint with light".

  •  In order to take good photos it is important to understand how the imaging capture process works. Look at it this way, if you the photographer were a painter, your canvas would be the sensor, or the film, of the camera. The paint would be the light that is coming from the subject or landscape you want to portrait. 
  • The lens would be the skilled hand that paints the vision of the artist into the canvas, it can filter, focus, blur, brighten, darken, or distort your painting according to how you configure it. Overall each set of lenses has a very specific way of imprinting your intentions on the photo.

Interesting fact: before film artists actually used this technique to temporarily imprint an image on a wall and then actually paint over it.
  • As for the brush, in 99% on the cases you won't need the brush, since the photo will paint itself through the lens as you click it. However there is a technique that is used to manually paint the photo with the assistance of a light source: a flashlight, a phone camera, LEDs, fire, etc. That technique is called "light painting".
If you liked the idea of the "Photography Basics" posts, or if you have any questions or suggestions for future posts, leave a comment on the section below. I check this blog everyday, so the response will be quick.

– Tito Araujo


  1. I loved the tips, hope for more anxious !!!

  2. Nice blog Tito, I recently bought a Canon 650 D - my cousin is half professional and sold it!

  3. Hey Lukas thank you man! Thats a very good camera. I'll be giving away some easy to use professional tips on the next posts, since you're into it it might be useful for you!


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