San Francisco's Botanical Garden


I was actually on my way to the collect some photos for what this post at the Golden Gate Park when I stumbled across "San Francisco Botanical Garden", since it was a weekday the entrance was free, so I decided to give it a shot.

First thing I see, as I got in, is this huge lonely tree and a sign saying that the gardens were divided into continents and plant types. Since the garden's grounds are huge, I decided not to think about it too much and just explore to see what I could find:

Since it was a cloudy day the skies look kinda dull but the overall lighting was perfect.

QUICK TIP: You want to take good portraits at sunlight do it on a cloudy day ;)

I also found this alien plants, and I'm sure there was a name tag on them with the planet they came from.

The gardens have a very rich network of trails that you can explore and what I found on top of that was amazing.

Looks like one of those altars witches used to do creepy rituals, and its all made of stone, anyways I kept walking, and came across this pond where I found three old ladies sitting on a bench gossiping and feeding a few ducks.

Lastly I paid a visit to the Australian garden:

But coincidently or not, there was a huge spider laying around that garden, so I left right away and thats why there is not gonna be any pictures of that garden in this post. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, here is a pink flower I found on my way out with a black and white background:

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-Tito Araujo


  1. Destaque para "alien plants". Hahaha Engraçadinho... A natureza é criativa, meu bem! Lindas fotos, primo!!!

  2. Really pretty ! btw, seu medroso ! hauahuahauhau

  3. Beautiful! I live near Golden Gate Park, but to my embarrassment didn't see it. Now I should do this!

  4. Beautiful photos, forget these spiders. Saudades bjuss


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