Tito Araujo


Since high school I have been passionate about hard sciences. When I first went to college I engaged in the Mechanical Engineering program. That lasted for a year though, by then that I noticed I was more interested in people than things. So I started doing research on human behaviour. It was when I found myself in the Social Communications, Advertising and Marketing.

I learned that our behaviour can not only be studied, but also influenced, changed. Through quality communication our relationships with other people can be enhanced, be it with a lover, friends or with coworkers.

Also through analysis of the day to day pattern in a given group of people we can uncover what is being done that is dysfunctional, the unnecessary wastes of energy both physical and emotional, and come up with a plan to fix those issues. That methodology can be applied to customer service, team coaching and service design. That is my passion.

I was born in 1989, Brazilian, from Salvador/Bahia. Finished my undergrad in Social Communication with a major in advertising, in 2012 from Centro Universitário Jorge Amado (Unijorge). In 2014 I moved to San Francisco / California, when I graduated in the International Marketing Master's program, at Hult International Business School. Currently I'm Living in Victoria B.C., Canada, Pursuing another Master's degree in Intercultural and International Communication at Royal Roads University.

I've been a professional photographer since 2010 and this blog used to be just a raw portfolio where I could keep some of my work. Now I'm determined to use it as a tool to share my passion, thoughts and hopefully provide some business and ethical insights as well as artistic inspiration for you.

– Tito Araujo.

Contact: (778) 232-0026
Email: Francisco.Filho@RoyalRoads.ca


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